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As a business owner or manager you may be concerned about safety risks in terms of lost days, higher insurance costs, lost reputation or even falling foul of the law. We specialise in supporting businesses with their safety needs, ensuring that they meet the legal and moral requirements placed on the business.
Our consultants are highly trained, hold professional membership of the appropriate institutes and experienced. We offer a bespoke professional friendly service with a common sense approach and that is tailored to your business requirements. Every business is different and with this in mind we offer a free consultation to establish your business requirements.
We support businesses to build health and safety competence from within their company, and work alongside staff, supporting them at all levels. Successful companies are increasingly realising the benefits of safety management, and recognise the cost benefits of the control of risk, the safety and health of staff, which contribute to success of their business.
A safety audit will identify the requirements of your company and also how any current system complies. Safety auditing is recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and the guidance document HSG65 “Successful Health and Safety Management” recommends that audits are undertaken annually to assist organisations to focus their resources in areas of most need.
An audit will show exactly how you measure up to legal requirements, and can act as a benchmark from which to form a health and safety plan. An audit will examine the management policies and procedures for securing health, safety and welfare. This will identify where new policies are needed, and where existing procedures are not working or are outdated. The audit will cover 30 subject areas of health and safety.
After the audit, a report will be written in a common sense approach that identifies requirements needed to meet legislation or standards, and will detail the need for this. An action plan will be supplied with targets and time-frames for addressing the issues and requirements and the people with responsibility to complete the task.

Every employer is under a statutory duty to arrange for a "competent person" to assess risks arising at the workplace, and areas or operations affected by work activities. Some risks are of a general health and safety nature, but others need to be considered against more specialised legislation, such as fire safety, asbestos, Legionella, PPE, manual handling, COSHH, VDUs, Noise etc.

The fire risk assessment should consider a number of items including the means of detection and raising the alarm, arrangements for safe evacuation, fire safety equipment, signage etc.
We can arrange for a qualified and experienced consultant to carry out risk assessment surveys on your behalf. All assessments must be reviewed from time to time, to ensure that they remain valid. For this reason we can carry out periodical reviews on your behalf.
Our reports are designed to be easily read and understood, highlighting the issues and requirements at the front of the report in an executive summary, with the technical data in the appendix, and can be adapted to suit your bespoke needs. If you have company reports or formats these can be incorporated in the audits or risk assessments.
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